Hats off to the FMOL Campaign of the Year

Campaign Of The Year - Dicks Sporting Goods

I know it’s only August but for me the ad campaign of the year has already been won.

Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Have you seen these incredibly engaging, dead on spots?  (I’ve included one in case you missed it.)

Terrific stuff.   Strategically sound communications for today’s marketplace.

The campaign impressively captures in a myriad of ways what Dick’s Sporting Goods stands for – amateur, high school sports.

There are many branding lessons that we can take from this totally integrated, insightful, terrific campaign.  But for today’s class, I am going to just focus on one.

Be courageous enough to focus.

Great brands  have the chutzpah and discipline to really focus on their specific primary target.  And, great brands maintain that laser-like approach over time.

Easily said.  Rarely done.  But, those few times where an up and coming brand gears everything to a specific target – magic happens.  Think  Starbucks, Apple, Chipotle, and Southwest airlines.

The number one reason where I see potential brand greatness fall short is when a terrific product or organization is particularly perfect for one distinct group but they can’t bring themselves to truly connect with that one mindset.  Isn’t it risky to go after only that one type of person?  Ironically,  the widening of your message weakens your brand.  Stand for something and for somebody.

Remember, if you try and reach everyone – you will really connect with no one.

Not with Dick’s Sporting Goods.  They stand for that motivated, dedicated, driven high school sports participant.  By focusing on this target, they really nail what drives them, what makes them tick.  It’s why these spots inspire us.

Makes me think – “Dick’s Sporting Goods knows why they exist and what they stand for.”  And, I want to be associated with a company like that.

Courageous?  Yes.  No doubt the conversation came up from Dick’s management – What about the many little leagues we supply?  What about the various colleges we are associated with?  What about our huge outdoor department?  Hunting?  Fishing?  Cycling?

Be courageous.  Stand for something and somebody.  This campaign does not alienate the hunter, the cyclist, the little league coach.  We can all identify with the sweat and commitment of a motivated high school athlete.  We were all there once (or at least in our minds we were).

Love it Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Love it.


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