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Budweiser Don't Drink And Drive

Within the last several days, I have seen two really impactful ads that blew my socks off.

Interesting thing about these ads was how I came upon them.

Was it during the Super Bowl or Grammys? (I know it’s Fall – just bear with me for the effect, OK?) Were these TV spots on one of the “big three” – CBS? NBC? ABC? (Do they even call them the “big three” anymore?) Was it during ESPN programming? On Mad Men? Or embedded in online streaming of Modern Family or  24?


Both of these television spots were sitting in my e-mail as an attachment a couple of days apart.

I viewed one on my office computer (It’s OK, I wasn’t goofing off – it’s my job. Really.) And the other one, I viewed on my smartphone while waiting for my lunch order at Chipotle.

Here’s the important part – I clicked on both of them and gave them my full attention because these video ads were sent to me by people I know. And, they are both really terrific ads that do our profession proud.

Lily Constine, a freshman at Sewanee, sent her dad David the first one. David, in turn,  forwarded it on to me (Don’t worry Lily, you get the full credit). I am glad that Lily sent the ad and was impressed with it – because she is exactly the audience that this spot is trying to reach.

Watch this impactful, engaging and important spot from Budweiser:

Speaking from a parent’s point of view, if artful storytelling can get this critical message over to this youthful audience then I consider it genius.

The other spot came to me via my brother Chris, a former sports writer, down in Tennessee. This mini slice of real life is for all those who truly revere sports and want the character building aspect of sports to somehow remain part of the American culture. And, to celebrate those who hold these ideals high.

Now, that is storytelling at its best. Perfectly woven tale with some  great decisions along the way – black and white, real street images. And, a dead-on classic song by the perfect NY essence singer. This tale is a gift to all real and genuine American sports fans – brought to you subtly by Gatorade. The brand message? Gatorade is a brand that lives in the very essence of competitive sports in our great country. Gatorade “gets” why sports played consistently over years with integrity and commitment is almost magical. Gatorade is proud to be a part of this magic.

The important lesson here is that if you are seeking to share your story in the most impactful way, take the time, the effort and the skilled resources to do it absolutely first rate. A moving and authentic story told with engaging copy, impactful imagery, skilled talent, and an inspiring soundtrack can get you on the most revered and most viewed network of all these days…the social network.

Like always, people love to pass on a great story. Give them, and all of us,  a story to share.

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